Cesarean Childbirth (C-Section) Procedure, Side Effects, Prep, and Recovery Topic Guide

C-Section (Cesarean Childbirth) C-Section (Cesarean Childbirth): Cesarean section C-section) is a major abdominal childbirth surgery either planned because existing medical concerns about the mother's and/or child's health may complicate vaginal delivery, or performed as an emergency measure to extract the baby during a delivery that has turned dangerous, which can happen for a number of reasons. The most common reasons for C-section delivery are repeat cesarean delivery, previous cesarean deliveries, lack of labor progression, abnormal position of the fetus, fetal status, and emergency situations. Complications of cesarean childbirth may include excessive bleeding, infection, blood clots, urinary function and bladder injury, bowel function and bowel injury, and prolonged hospital stays.

What does a C-section look like?

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