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Chemotherapy (cont.)

Tips for Meeting With Your Doctor or Nurse

  • Make a list of your questions before each appointment. Some people keep a running list and write down new questions as they think of them. Make sure to have space on this list to write down the answers from your doctor or nurse.
  • Bring a family member or trusted friend to your medical visits. This person can help you understand what the doctor or nurse says and can talk with you about it after the visit is over.
  • Ask all your questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. If you do not understand an answer, keep asking until you do. If the doctor uses terms that you do not understand, then say so and ask that it be explained in other terms that you can understand.
  • Take notes. You can write them down or use a tape recorder. Inform your doctor if you are recording the visit. The doctor should not object but it is polite to inform them. Later, you can review your notes and the recording so that you can remember what was said.
  • Ask for printed information about your type of cancer and chemotherapy drugs you are to receive and the schedule on which you will receive them. Also request a schedule of follow up lab tests and other studies which may be needed prior to your seeing the doctor again.
  • Let your doctor or nurse know how much information you want to know, when you want to learn it, and when you have learned enough. Some people want to learn everything they can about cancer and its treatment. Others only want a little information. The choice is yours.
  • Find out how to contact your doctor or nurse in an emergency or after normal office hours. This includes who to call and where to go.

Questions to Ask Your Health Care Professional

About My Cancer

  1. What kind of cancer do I have?
  2. What is the stage of my cancer?

About Chemotherapy

  1. Why do I need chemotherapy?
  2. What is the goal of this chemotherapy?
  3. What are the benefits of chemotherapy?
  4. What are the risks of chemotherapy?
  5. Are there other ways to treat my type of cancer?
  6. What is the standard care for my type of cancer?
  7. Are there any clinical trials for my type of cancer?
  8. Do you recommend that I participate in a clinical trial?

About My Treatment

  • How many cycles of chemotherapy will I get? How long is each treatment? How long between treatments?
  • What types of chemotherapy will I get?
  • How will these drugs be given?
  • Where do I go for this treatment?
  • How long does each treatment last?
  • Should someone drive me to and from treatments?

About Side Effects

  1. What side effects can I expect right away?
  2. What side effects can I expect later?
  3. How serious are these side effects?
  4. How long will these side effects last?
  5. Will all the side effects go away when treatment is over?
  6. What can I do to manage or ease these side effects?
  7. What can my doctor or nurse do to manage or ease these side effects? When should I call my doctor or nurse about these side effects?

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