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Chiggers (cont.)

How do you get rid of chiggers?

Treatment of chigger bites is directed toward relief of the associated itching (see medical treatment below); this will reduce the chance of secondary bacterial infections due to scratching which can break down the skin barrier to infection.

Home Remedies for Chiggers

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications can be used if necessary for control of symptoms of chigger bites. There have been many home remedies reported to treat chigger bites, but many of these are based upon the incorrect belief that the chiggers burrow into and reside in the skin. Home remedies designed to get rid of chiggers, such as bleach, nail polish, turpentine, or alcohol applied to the bites in an attempt to "suffocate" the chiggers are not effective since the mites do not actually reside within the skin.

The only effective treatments are anti-itch creams and medications (see below). Home remedies to relieve itching, such as cool showers or baths, colloidal oatmeal baths, or cool compresses may bring some relief.

Medical Treatment for Chiggers

Both calamine lotion and corticosteroid creams may be useful in reducing the itching of chigger bites. Oral antihistamine medications, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) can also be useful. In many cases, no treatment is needed.

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