Symptoms and Signs of Chlamydia In Women

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Medically Reviewed on 3/11/2019

Doctor's Notes on Chlamydia In Women

Chlamydia is a bacterium that is a common STD (sexually transmitted disease) that can infect women (and men). The majority of infected women have no symptoms. When they do develop, signs and symptoms of a chlamydia infection may include cervicitis, vaginal discharge and/or abdominal pain. The organisms can infect the urethra and cause pain when urinating and cause urinary frequency and urgency. In some women, it can progress into the fallopian tubes and infect them and or cause pelvic inflammatory disease with symptoms of fever, pelvic cramping, pain with intercourse and abdominal pains. The disease may make the woman have difficulty getting pregnant or even develop sterility.

The cause of chlamydia infection in women is the transmission of the bacteria to a woman by having vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone who has a chlamydia infection.

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