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Concussion Symptoms and Test

What is Concussion?

It should be football that would provide an opportunity to talk about minor head injuries and concussion, but instead I get to turn to baseball and the Yankee - Red Sox series. Eric Hinske ran over Juan Posada at the plate and while he held onto the ball, Posada headed to the hospital after the game to be evaluated for headaches. It's a cryptic message isn't it - "heading to the hospital for further evaluation."

Patients are brought to the hospital after being hit in the head, and the question asked is whether a concussion occurred. Then there is the other question, under the surface, whose words are too frightful to ask: "Is there bleeding in the brain?" This is quickly followed by: "We thought he should be checked because we were afraid for him to go to sleep." So, the decision remains: who needs a CT scan to make sure there is no bleeding, and who gets to go home and sleep well in their own bed?

While in today's medical arms race of technology, CT scans are almost everywhere, their use should be limited to those who actually need them. Aside from the cost of the test, there is a desire to limit radiation to those people who really need it. For those with minor head trauma, research has set some guidelines as to who needs what, when. Minor head injury, or concussion, can be defined as a patient who experienced a short loss of consciousness, amnesia, or disorientation who is now conscious, talking, and appears normal.

Last Reviewed 9/11/2017

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