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Corns and Calluses Topic Guide

Corns and Calluses Corns and Calluses: A callus (tyloma) is an area of skin that thickens after exposure to repetitive forces in order to protect the skin. A callus may not be painful. A corn is a callus with a mass of dead cells in its center. Signs and symptoms of calluses include
  • Thickening of skin without distinct borders
  • Most commonly on feet and hands over bony prominences
  • Vary in color from white to gray-yellow, brown, or red
  • May be painless or tender
  • May throb or burn
  • May form cracks (fissures)
Signs and symptoms of corns include
  • Texture varies from dry, waxy, transparent to a horny mass
  • Distinct borders
  • Most common on feet
  • May be hard or soft
  • Often painful
  • Many different types
Treatment may involve cutting off the hardened skin, applying antibiotics, and using orthotics.

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