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Crohn Disease FAQs (cont.)

What are the symptoms of Crohn's disease?

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The symptoms depend on which part of the digestive tract is affected, but diarrhea and abdominal cramps are almost universal. Other typical symptoms include

Some people have

Are the symptoms of Crohn's disease permanent?

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While Crohn's disease is life long, the symptoms may not be continuous. Most people experience unpredictable episodes called "flares" in which symptoms appear or get worse. The symptoms eventually get better or go away completely ("remission") until the next flare. Most people feel pretty well when the disease is in remission.

Why is Crohn's disease so serious?

In severe cases, the bowel can develop blockages, perforations, connections to other organs called fistulas, and/or pockets of infection called abscesses. People with Crohn's disease often suffer nutritional deficiencies because eating can make symptoms worse. Crohn's disease also can cause inflammation in other parts of the body, which can cause symptoms and serious problems. Deficiency occurs also when areas of the digestive tract are damaged from the diseased process, especially in areas of inflamed small intestine where absorption of nutrients takes place, such as the duodenum and ileum.

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