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Cushing Syndrome (cont.)

Cushing's Syndrome Causes

  • Exogenous administration of corticosteroids
  • Endogenous (produced by the body) corticosteroid overproduction
  • Adrenal gland tumors: Overproduction of corticosteroid may be due to an adrenal tumor, which could be cancerous or noncancerous.
  • ACTH-producing pituitary tumors: Pituitary tumors produce excess ACTH, which acts on the adrenal gland to produce excess corticosteroid.
  • Some lung tumors or other tumors outside the pituitary gland may produce ACTH, which in turn stimulate the adrenal glands to produce excess corticosteroid.
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Cushing syndrome is caused by prolonged exposure to elevated levels of either endogenous glucocorticoids or exogenous glucocorticoids.

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