Cyanide Poisoning Topic Guide

Cyanide Poisoning Cyanide Poisoning: Cyanide poisoning can occur with smoke inhalation from a fire, chemicals or products in the workplace, plants and foods (for example, apricot pits), certain chemicals that turn into cyanide after ingestion, and suicide attempts. Symptoms of cyanide poisoning include weakness, confusion, headache, seizures, vomiting, bizarre behavior, confusion, excessive sleepiness, abdominal pain, and coma. Cyanide poisoning cannot be treated at home. Medical treatment is required immediately for cyanide poisoning.

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Cyanide Poisoning Topic Guide - Medications and Vitamins


hydroxocobalamin (injection) Hydroxocobalamin (injection)

Hydroxocobalamin is a form of vitamin B-12. It is used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning. Hydroxocobalamin works by helping cells in the body convert cya...learn more »