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Cyst (Cysts)


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Comment from: Ish from Golden Lake, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: October 30

Tea tree oil is a miracle cure. I've suffered from cysts for 50 years. A few years ago, I happened to try tea tree, which I had on hand for other purposes, and, like magic, my cyst started to shrink and drain. I've had success in this way several times. I can't recommend tea tree oil strongly enough. Causes in my case, it was easy to diagnose, with a friend's help (not a doctor's). Caffeine and chocolate. I've visited emergency rooms for lancing, around Christmas time often. No more!

Comment from: Anniesunsky, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: July 24

An old bump sat dormant for years until it got sore. In a matter of days it became a problem; it got bigger, redder, terribly sore, and I had neuropathy pain down the arm. I had my doctor look at the cyst and he immediately drained it and mentioned I had to have the whole thing removed. Never in my life have I had skin problems, and this was so different to me. A new experience and appreciation of taking care of unanswered questions. I ended up in the emergency room and in 15 minutes the specialist had completely drained and removed the sac which contained the cyst. Was I surprised! No more pain, soreness or patches, and a big thanks to the doctor.

Comment from: Debbie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 15

I have a cyst on the middle of my back. It is unsightly and tender. It has been drained twice, and is still there.

Published: September 10

I have a sebaceous cyst tucked in behind my right ear. I have had it lanced before but now two years later it has recurred. I also have three cysts up to the size of a golf ball on my chest. The one behind my ear is very painful when it flares up and when it bursts there is this whitish brown liquid and some semi-hard white stuff and sometimes really dark blood, that I think is infected.

Published: September 10

So far, I've had nine cysts in the past nine years. Some went away with just packing them. Four had to be surgically removed. Each had to be reopened because they'd flare up, drain again, and not heal. The doctors are clueless as to why I get them and why they don't want to heal. The drainage is a creamy off-white liquid and the blood is sticky and there's no odor. Lab results show nothing unusual. I've been tested for everything in an attempt to find an answer. I constantly wear bandages because of the continual drainage. Right now, both arms are bandaged. They erupt every two to three days. So far, my diagnosis has been sebaceous cysts.

Comment from: S.Marks, 65-74 Female Published: December 14

I had a sebaceous cyst removed from my breast in June.

Comment from: bhardi, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 21

My cyst is behind my left ear. I have had it lanced 19 times and surgery twice. My doctor described mine to be like a tree root in that each time it came up, it would be like a stump sprouting another root. The last time it came up the infection was the consistency of a pencil eraser. It has been several years since I have had a problem with it. The doctor is hoping I have enough scar tissue built up that it won't have room to grow again. I sometimes have deep pains shoot through but that’s about it for that area.

Comment from: Maureen, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 09

I have been following quite a handful of cysts internally. They were found at the time I had both an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Two were on spleen and have not changed in three years. Two were on one ovary and seemed to have gone away, but showed up in fallopian tubes briefly then just as fluid in tubes. I had the largest cysts on my kidneys but it has not presented any problems. Both sides of my family had quite a few cysts both externally and internally, but never were malignant. Just wondering if anyone knows why we get them, and how to check for them other than the above two exams. Gets to be costly. Thanks.


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