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Decompression Syndromes: The Bends (cont.)

The Bends Prognosis

Prognosis or outlook of people that develop the bends varies with the following factors:

  • Prognosis is good with hyperbaric oxygen treatment.
  • Delay to hyperbaric oxygen treatment: Although reports show that victims can do well after days of symptoms, delay in definitive treatment may cause damage that is irreversible.
  • Severity of symptoms: Joint pains alone do better than focal weakness or inability to urinate.
  • Preexisting health: Young, healthy people can tolerate a greater insult to their health than an older person with other diseases.

The Bends Pictures

State-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen chamber by HyperTec.
State-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen chamber by HyperTec. Click to view larger image.

State-of-the-art single person chamber by HyperTec.
State-of-the-art single person chamber by HyperTec. Click to view larger image.

Simulated dive.
Simulated dive. Click to view larger image.

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REFERENCE: Decompression Sickness.

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