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Symptoms and Signs of Dental Abscess Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Guidelines, and Prognosis

Doctor's Notes on Dental Abscess Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Guidelines, and Prognosis

A dental abscess is a localized bacterial infection inside of a tooth, in the gum tissue, or in the bone surrounding a tooth. Poor dental care is a risk factor for developing a dental abscess, since growth of bacteria from a dental cavity is a primary cause. Certain medications, poor diet, and alcoholism are other factors that increase the likelihood of getting a tooth abscess.

Pain at the involves site is the primary symptom of a dental abscess. There is a collection of pus at the infection site that may rupture and drain into surrounding tissues. Other associated signs and symptoms can include redness and swelling of the gums, mouth or face. Jaw pain, fever, chills, sweats, and malaise may also accompany the condition.

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