What Is a Polyp? Nasal, Colon, and Other Polyps

Doctors divide polyps into two primary groups.
Half of all adults may have colon polyps in the United States.
To diagnose colon polyps, doctors turn to colonoscopy.
Aural polyps can cause hearing loss.
You may need special ear drops to treat aural polyps.
Nasal polyps can cause your sense of smell to diminish.
Steroids and surgery may be used to remove nasal polyps.
Endometrial polyps are noncancerous.
A woman with uterine polyps may need them removed in order for her to give birth.
Vocal cord polyps can change the sound of your voice in dramatic ways.
Sometimes rest is enough to subdue vocal cord polyps.
Some forms of stomach polyp can be precursors of cancer.
Polypectomy for stomach polyps is typically done using an endoscope.

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What Is a Polyp? Nasal, Colon, and Other Polyps

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