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Dizziness (cont.)

What about dizziness during pregnancy?

Dizziness is a common symptom during pregnancy. One of the reasons women feel dizziness during pregnancy is due to rising hormones that cause blood vessels to dilate, which increases blood flow to the baby, but also can result in lower blood pressure and temporary dizziness.

Other causes of dizziness during pregnancy include low blood sugar levels as the body's metabolism changes. Women who are anemic or who have varicose veins may experience dizziness more often.

Dizziness can occur in any trimester. It is most common in the first trimester, but during the second trimester, the expanding uterus puts pressure on blood vessels and can cause dizziness. In the third trimester, when you lie on your back the weight of the baby presses on your vena cava (a large vein that carries blood from your lower body to your heart) which can result in dizziness.

Contact your doctor if you experience dizziness during pregnancy, especially if the dizziness is constant or persistent, or if it is accompanied by pain in your abdomen or vaginal bleeding, blurred vision, headaches, or heart palpitations.

What are the causes of dizziness?

Dizziness may be attributed to a wide variety of causes. Sometimes doctors find no specific diagnosis for the affected individual, but some causes of dizziness are dangerous. Some causes of dizziness are listed.

Dizziness caused by heart diseases or blood pressure problems

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