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Earwax (cont.)

Which Specialties of Doctors Treat Earwax Blockage?

Earwax buildup or blockage can be diagnosed and treated by your primary care provider (PCP), such as a family practitioner, an internist, or child's pediatrician. You may also see an emergency medicine specialist in a hospital's emergency department.

In severe cases you may be referred to an otolaryngologist, also called an ear-nose-throat specialist (ENT) for treatment.

How Can Earwax Buildup and Blockage be Prevented?

Earwax blockage can be prevented by avoiding the use of cotton-tipped swabs or Q-tips and other objects that push the earwax deeper into the ear canal.

A study has also suggested that earwax buildup may be prevented by application of a topical emollient.

Individuals with hearing aids should be routinely examined for earwax impaction (cerumen impaction) every 3 to 6 months.

What Is the Outlook for a Person with Chronic Earwax Buildup and Blockage?

Earwax serves an important function in keeping the ears healthy and should not be removed unless the buildup is causing blockage and other symptoms. Once excess earwax blockage is removed, the prognosis is very good and symptoms will disappear. In some patients there can be complications, including:

  • Perforated eardrum
  • Middle-ear infection
  • External-ear infection (swimmer's ear)
  • Permanent hearing loss from acoustic trauma


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