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Electric Shock (cont.)

Electric Shock Treatment

Mile electric shock that do not produce symptoms may not require medical treatment. However, a person who receives a high voltage shock, lightning strike, shock with burns or other pain should be evaluated by a health-care professional emergently.

Electric Shock Self-Care at Home

Brief low-voltage shocks that do not result in any symptoms or burns of the skin do not usually require medical care (if you or the affected individual are unsure about symptoms, seek medical care). For any high-voltage shock, or for any shock resulting in burns, call 911 and seek medical care at a hospital's emergency department. A doctor should evaluate electric cord burns to the mouth of a child.

Electric Shock Medical Treatment

Treatment of electric shock depends on the severity of the burns or the nature of other injuries found.

  • Burns are treated according to severity.
    • Minor burns may be treated with topical antibiotic ointment and dressings.
    • More severe burns may require surgery to clean the wounds or even skin grafting.
    • Severe burns on the arms, legs, or hands may require surgery to remove damaged muscle or even amputation.
  • Other injuries may require treatment.
    • Eye injuries may require examination and treatment by an ophthalmologist, an eye specialist.
    • Broken bones require splinting, casting, or surgery to stabilize the bones.
    • Internal injuries may require observation or surgery.
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