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Encephalitis (cont.)

What Specialists Treat Encephalitis?

There are many causes (see causes section) of encephalitis. What type of specialists may be consulted depends upon the underlying cause of the disease. In general, primary-care physicians, pediatricians, emergency-medicine specialists, infectious-disease specialists, toxicologists, critical-care specialists, neurologists, and possibly others may be consulted to help diagnose and treat encephalitis.

When Should Someone Seek Medical Care for Encephalitis?

Call the doctor for immediate advice if an infant, child, or adult develops acute signs and symptoms of encephalitis if they have any of these associated conditions:

  • Sores around the lips or genitals through contact with another person
  • Having been in wooded or forest areas and suspect mosquito bites
  • Visiting an area where these viral (or other) diseases are common, especially outside the United States
  • Having been bitten by a tick

If signs and symptoms of encephalitis develop and the doctor is not available, go immediately to a hospital's emergency department for further evaluation. Do not hesitate or decide on your own that you or your child simply have the flu. Symptoms indicating severe illness require emergency treatment.

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Encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain parenchyma, presents as diffuse and/or focal neuropsychological dysfunction.

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