Predicting Outcome After Cardiac Arrest (Heart Stoppage)
Score Interpretation
0 94% Mortality (death); 0% will have neurologic (brain) recovery
1 63% Mortality (death); 29% will have neurologic (brain) recovery
2 45% Mortality (death); 58% will have neurologic (brain) recovery
3 19% Mortality (death); 85% will have neurologic (brain) recovery
Time to return of spontaneous circulation (heart beating with a pulse)
Less than 25 minutes (1 point[s])
25 minutes or more (0 point[s])
Systolic blood pressure (top number in a blood pressure reading) in the emergency department
90 mm Hg or greater (1 point[s])
Less than 90 mm Hg (0 point[s])
Initial neurologic status in the emergency department
Alert and oriented, or arousable but confused, or spontaneously moves (1 point[s])
Unresponsive or has only simple reflexes as tested by a doctor (0 point[s])


A score for predicting the outcome of cardiac arrest in adults.

Thompson RJ et al. Journal of Critical Illness. 13(5):298-300

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