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Foreign Body, Nose (cont.)

Foreign Body in the Nose Medical Treatment

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Treatment will largely depend on the location and identity of the object or objects involved. There are a variety of treatment options available. The most common ones are mentioned below and throughout this article.

Commonly used techniques include applying gentle suction to the object, long tweezers, or instruments that have a loop or hook at the tip.

  • If the object is metallic, a long magnetized instrument may be used to assist in gently pulling the object from the nose.
  • Another technique involves gently passing a soft rubber catheter past the object. These catheters have an inflatable balloon at the tip, which can then be inflated and pulled back, along with the foreign body.
  • Any experienced health care professional can tell you that children typically struggle when these techniques are used. Struggling will decrease the likelihood of success and increase the likelihood of complications. Sedation may be considered for a child as an option to allow calm and comfortable removal of the object.

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Foreign in the Nose - Experience

Please share your or someone you knows experience with a foreign object in the nose.

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What object did you or someone you know became lodged in the nose?

Foreign in the Nose - Self Care at Home

How were you able to remove the object from yours, or someone else's nose?

Foreign in the Nose - Medical Treatment

What was the medical treatment for your case of a foreign object in the nose?

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Nasal foreign bodies that require removal are relatively common among pediatric patients and may also be seen in adult patients, most often those with psychiatric disease or developmental delay.

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