Genital Warts (HPV Infection)


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Comment from: Charles , 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: July 16

I had been going out with a woman for over a year and a half when during sex she noticed a small mole on my penis shaft. In the months that followed I noticed more. Two years into our relationship I found out she was sleeping around on me and I confronted her about it at which time she broke up with me. I went to the doctor for another issue when I asked him to look at it, he told me it looked like genital warts and for me to have it tested as well as a full group of these. The test came back positive.

Comment from: lisa, Female Published: August 15

I'm 28. I suffered with genital warts for a month. It was tiny but I don't think it's normal. I went to the doctor and had my pap smear and I was diagnosed with human papillomavirus. I'm working in Kuwait and I'm engaged to an American. The doctor gave me a medication. I told my fiance bout the STD and he said he doesn't care, that he loves me and we're getting married!

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