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Gout - Symptoms and Signs

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Comment from: sony5, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 04

I have to take diuretics for a heart condition. The sad part is my cardiologist failed to tell me one of the side effect can be gout. I have had my first episode started on Saturday. My left foot swelled on top then the pain went away. All of a sudden Tuesday night I woke up with throbbing in my left big toe. I have never felt such overwhelming pain. I cannot walk. I am not much of a steak or seafood eater. But doing some research I found other foods that are good for you can also start an attack. I am not on medication! I am still in pain and will see my doctor when I can at least walk. I am trying to drink pure cherry juice I bought from a natural food store. We will see if this will help. I also have not been eating any starches; just fruit and vegetables. I drink at least 64 oz water daily.

Comment from: Stelle, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 04

I just had my first ever case of gout almost 2 weeks ago. It never occurred to me that it could be gout. It began as a sore stiffness I get with usually wear and tear and changes in the weather. But, the usual Advil didn't take care of it and it was gradually getting worse. Four days later, after calling 4 different doctors and being on crutches for 2 days, I finally gave up getting an appointment and seeing an after-hours clinic. I wanted to see my doctor, not his nurse practitioner (NP). Joke's on me. I got to the clinic and I saw the NP who took x-rays and confidently exclaimed I did not have gout. Maybe a little tendonitis, she wasn't sure. But it wasn't gout. She gave me a painkiller and muscle relaxer shot and a prescription, and I think I would have gotten better results from eating a bag of M and Ms. Three days later it was in full force. I could not put any weight on it and was being pushed around in my husband's office chair. Nothing helped, nothing! Ice felt good, the ceiling fan hurt, people walking by glancing at it hurt, people talking to me hurt. So, I got an emergency appointment with an orthopedic doctor who does lab tests. Two days later I got those results. Guess what? Gout. The advice I was given was to follow up with my primary care. I called the doctor back and got an appointment 2 days later. I finally got Colcrys. But I had already had this for 9 days. I had a lot of swelling and it was warm. It wasn't in my toe. It was in my ankle, the side and the top. It wasn't red, just pinkish at times. And it itched, and I couldn't touch it. It was absolutely the worst pain I have ever endured. The pain has subsided now, the color's normal, and no swelling. However, now it's been 12 days and I still can only walk with crutches. I feel as though I'll never be able to walk again. How long will this pain last!

Comment from: Peggy78, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: October 06

My first attack in my pre-google days I could not walk because of severe pain. After extensive reading I hit on the idea that like my late father I had GOUT. I had put myself on a cholesterol lowering diet for several weeks. My main food was delicious home made lentil soup and spinach with cheese. I love sardines and everything heavy in Purines. I immediately went on a diet low in Purines and drunk lots of water. In a few days I was O.K.

Comment from: 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: September 17

I have attacks of gouty arthritis in my left ankle, right leg and right wrist. I have noticed with each attack the area affected is spreading. Where it use to only effect my right ankle it now effects my whole right leg. On the onset of a attack the effected area feels sore, if I take my colchicine right away I can usually stop it from becoming a full attack. Also I learned from my doctor that I need to take my allopurinol as directed when I am not having a attack because a high uric acid level can damage your kidneys. I also learned that dye contrast can initiate a attack.

Comment from: pugs1970, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: September 26

I have been suffering from gout for 20 years, age 45 now. I'm a builder and for the first few years of my introduction into the world of pain I kept working, pulling myself up ladders with only one leg and crying a lot in silence. We Aussies are too tough to cry in public. Twenty years later I am stuck in bed with a right knee with its own heartbeat and built in heater, whoever thought even the slightest breeze or knock could bring this six foot ex-rugby player to whimper like a little flower!

Comment from: 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: March 12

I was diagnosed as suffering from Gout. Since a few days ago, I developed pain in the toe (big finger joint) with swelling and the doctor advised me to take Zyloric 100 which I used for a few days, say about 10 days. The pain did not subside but to some extent the swelling subsided. Again after a long walk, the swelling increased with pain and I cannot walk properly.

Published: September 11

I have experienced severe gout attacks for about 15 yrs. It started in my big toe and has made its way into my ankle. My last two attacks have become infected and have been the most painful thing that has ever happened to me. I cannot pinpoint the source, so I am not sure what to do. I will just say, if you think you have a case of gout, get to your doctor and get on the meds. I do not wish this kind of pain on anyone and hope your case passes quickly.


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