Symptoms and Signs of High Cholesterol

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Doctor's Notes on High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is medically known as hypercholesterolemia. This means that there is an elevated level of cholesterol in the bloodstream. High cholesterol is caused by a combination of genetic tendencies (inherited factors) and environmental influences. Being overweight or consuming foods such as meats, whole milk dairy products, egg yolks, and some kinds of fish cause cholesterol levels to rise.

High cholesterol does not produce specific signs or symptoms itself; however, it increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases including heart attack or myocardial infarction. Symptoms of cardiovascular disease may include:

Other associated symptoms of cardiovascular disease may include:

What Is the Treatment for High Cholesterol?

Both home remedies and medications can help lower cholesterol. Lifestyle changes include:

If lifestyle changes are not sufficient, medical treatment for high cholesterol levels may involve statins which are a well-known class of drugs that lower cholesterol production in the liver, although there are other classes of drugs that also help control cholesterol levels.

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