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Histoplasmosis (cont.)

Are There Home Remedies for Histoplasmosis?

Because most infections require no treatment, many people attribute home remedies for treating and/or curing the disease. The list of home remedies cited is long and includes garlic oil, tea tree oil, fish oil, green tea, cloves, cat's claw, onion, turmeric and other compounds. Patients, especially those with moderate to severe symptoms of histoplasmosis, should consult their doctor before using these home remedies.

Histoplasmosis Follow-up

Follow-up is important for patients with histoplasmosis because treatment should be regularly given over long terms of time (often six to 12 months), and itraconazole blood levels should be examined to be sure dosage is effective, and patients need to be monitored for symptom resolution or relapses by the doctor.

What Are Complications of Histoplasmosis?

The majority of people infected with H. capsulatum recover completely with no complications. A few people may show small areas of lung scarring on chest X-rays while pleural effusions (fluid around the lung) and pericarditis can develop in about 5% of acute symptomatic patients. Another 5% may develop rheumatologic problems like arthritis or skin disorders such as erythema nodosum or erythema multiforme. Individuals with chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis may develop cavitary lung lesions, pulmonary fibrosis, and dyspnea (shortness of breath). Adrenal gland infections, can occur and be rarely associated with Cushing's syndrome. Others may develop ocular histoplasmosis syndrome where H. capsulatum spreads from the lungs to the retinal blood vessels, which may result in partial blindness. Acute progressive disseminated histoplasmosis patients may develop CNS problems that result in encephalopathy or seizures, adrenal insufficiency, cardiac problems such as valve failure, angina, and poor cardiac output. Acute progressive disseminated histoplasmosis, if not treated quickly and appropriately, can lead to death in a few weeks. Even with lifelong antifungal treatment, about 10%-20% of people with disseminated disease will relapse.

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