How Do You Get Rid of Polyps Naturally?

Reviewed on 3/3/2022
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Natural remedies may be used to relieve symptoms and pain caused by nasal polyps, such as a humidifier, a neti pot, bromelain and probiotic supplements, and avoiding alcohol.

Polyps are abnormal tissue growths that can form on any body part that has mucus membranes. Polyps can be flat or they can project from the tissue by a stalk (pedunculated). 

Colon polyps are the most common type of polyp. Other common types of polyps include: 

  • Nose/sinuses 
  • Stomach (gastric polyp)
  • Ear (aural polyp)
  • Cervix
  • Uterus
  • Throat and vocal folds (larynx)

Certain types of polyps have the potential to become cancerous. 

Some types of polyps may not need treatment and may go away on their own. 

Nasal polyps affecting the nose and sinuses are usually not cancerous. There are no home remedies proven to entirely get rid of nasal polyps naturally but natural remedies may be used to improve symptoms and reduce discomfort caused by nasal polyps, such as: 

  • Use a humidifier or inhale steam 
  • Bromelain supplementation 
  • Use a neti pot to irrigate the sinuses
  • Take probiotic supplements and eat probiotic-rich foods to keep the immune system healthy
  • Avoid alcohol

Other polyps carry a risk of becoming cancerous and need to be removed. Surgical removal of polys (polypectomy) is the most common treatment for polyps that cause symptoms or that have the potential to be cancerous. 

Depending on the location and type of polyp, different or additional treatments may be indicated: 

What Are Symptoms of Polyps?

Symptoms of polyps depend on their location. Polyps often have no symptoms. 

When symptoms of colon polyps occur, they may include:

When symptoms of stomach (gastric) polyps occur, they may include:

Symptoms of ear (aural) polyps may include:

Symptoms of nasal polyps may include:

  • Feelings of fullness or pressure in the face
  • Stuffy nose
  • Problems with sense of smell

Symptoms of cervical and uterine polyps may include:

Symptoms of polyps in the throat and vocal folds (larynx) include: 

  • Rough, scratchy, or harsh-sounding voice
  • Feeling as if a lump is stuck in the throat
  • Hoarseness
  • Breathiness
  • Shooting pain from ear to ear
  • Neck pain
  • Decreased ability to change vocal pitch
  • Voice and body tiredness

How Are Polyps Diagnosed?

Polyps are diagnosed with physical examination of the affected area, and different types of tests may be used depending on where the polyps are located in the body. 

Imaging tests may be used to diagnose polyps, such as: 

A tissue sample (biopsy) may be taken of a polyp to determine if it is cancerous. 

Reviewed on 3/3/2022