Hypertrophy vs. Strength: Weight Training Benefits

What Is Hypertrophy Training vs. Strength Training?

Both hypertrophy and strength training are types of weight training. The word “hypertrophy” is a general medical term referring to the enlargement of an organ due to the increased size of its constituent cells. Athletes can achieve this condition in skeletal muscles through specific weight lifting regimens to increase muscle size. 

This type of training is common among bodybuilders who are more concerned with a sculpted appearance than muscle strength or endurance. It may also be ideal for people who are more concerned with achieving a certain sculpted look from their fitness routine.

Strength training focuses on increasing the strength of the muscles. It is more commonly used by people who are athletes and play sports or those who do manual labor. 

How Are Hypertrophy vs. Strength Training Exercises Different?

In hypertrophy training, typically people will do more sets and repetitions (reps) but decrease the intensity, which means using lighter weights. A short rest period of one to three minutes between sets is recommended. 

To build strength, people should do fewer reps in a set, but with a heavier weight to increase the intensity. The rest period between sets is three to five minutes. 

What Are the Benefits of Hypertrophy vs. Strength Training?

Benefits of hypertrophy training include: 

  • Increased strength and power
  • Anaerobic endurance 
  • Weight management
  • Aesthetics (creates a sculpted, athletic look)

Benefits of strength training include: