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Hyperventilation (cont.)

Hyperventilation Treatment

Once the doctor is sure that the patient's diagnosis is hyperventilation syndrome and not something more serious, the doctor will arrange follow-up care with a psychiatrist or a primary care doctor. These doctors will teach the patient about the syndrome and what techniques may help control the attacks. Sometimes, usually after talking with a regular doctor, certain medications may be prescribed. If the patient's condition worsens after visiting the emergency department, he or she should return for a recheck.

Hyperventilation Prognosis

With appropriate training, a person may use stress-reduction techniques, breathing exercises, and certain medications to reduce the number and severity of the hyperventilation attacks. In addition, therapy for any anxiety problems should help reduce the number of attacks and their severity.

Hyperventilation syndrome is an area of medicine under current study. Hyperventilation research focuses on understanding the conditions that predispose some people to this syndrome as well as its relationship to related disorders.

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Hyperventilation - Causes

What were the causes of your hyperventilation?

Hyperventilation - Causes

What was the cause of your hyperventilation?

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Hyperventilation syndrome (HVS) represents a relatively common ED presentation that is readily recognized by most clinicians.

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