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Hysteroscopy (cont.)

Hysteroscopy Risks and Complications

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Complications of hysteroscopy are rare. The most common complication that has been reported is accidental perforation of the uterus. Other possible (but rare) complications include bleeding, infection, damage to the urinary or digestive tract, and medical complications resulting from reactions to drugs or anesthetic agents. Other rare complications are fluid overload or gas embolism (when gas bubbles enter the bloodstream) from the liquid or gas that is injected to distend the uterine cavity during the procedure.

Hysteroscopy Follow-up

It is important for the woman to adhere to the doctor's recommendations regarding follow-up examinations and visits. Inform your physician if you are experiencing any adverse effects or recurrence of symptoms.

Hysteroscopy Outlook

Many minor surgical procedures can be successfully performed using hysteroscopy, and it can be a valuable diagnostic tool. The outlook or prognosis depends upon the individual woman and the underlying condition or reason for hysteroscopy. Most women recover rapidly with only minor cramping and bleeding immediately following the procedure.

Medically reviewed by Wayne Blocker, MD; Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 12/15/2015

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