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Picture of Actinic Keratosis (Solar Keratosis)

Picture of Actinic Keratosis (Solar Keratosis)

Actinic keratoses are rough , scaly spots that form on sun-damaged skin. People with fair skin are more likely to develop actinic keratoses on sun-exposed areas like the face, arms, hands, back of the neck, and upper chest. Limiting time in the sun helps prevent the formation of actinic keratoses.

Actinic keratoses are considered precancers, and over time, actinic keratoses may turn into a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. Removing actinic keratoses helps reduce the risk of skin cancer. Actinic keratoses can be removed surgically by cutting, freezing (cryosurgery), or burning. A topical medication called 5-fluorouracil may also be used to treat actinic keratoses. Photodynamic therapy uses a topical solution and a laser to remove the precancerous lesions.

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