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24. Picture of Darier's Disease

Picture of Darier's Disease
Image Source: Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas & Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology Klaus Wolff, Richard Allen Johnson, Dick Suurmond Copyright 2005, 2001, 1997, 1993 by The McGraw-Hill Companies. All Rights reserved.

Darier's disease is a genetic condition that causes red, itchy, scaling papules that are crusted. There is an odor to the lesions and they can be disfiguring. The nails and mucous membranes may also be affected. Abnormal keratinization and loss of epidural adhesion cause the condition which tends to be lifelong. Lesions associated with the condition feel warty to the touch. Hemorrhagic crusts form when crusted papules have been removed and leave erosions underneath.

Image Source: Color Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology Samuel Weinberg, Neil S. Prose, Leonard Kristal Copyright 2008, 1998, 1990, 1975, by the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Text Reference: Genetics Home Reference: "Darier Disease"

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