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Picture of Iododerma and Bromoderma Granulomatous Reaction

Iododerma and Bromoderma Granulomatous Reaction

Granulomatous reactions can occur after exposure to medications or supplements containing the halides, bromide or iodide. Sedatives, anti-epileptics, anti-neoplastics (chemotherapy), spasmoytics (used for colic), and expectorants (cough medicine) all contain bromides. Other prescribed medications may also contain the offending agents. Iodine exposure may be topical, oral, or by injection. Bromides and iodides can be found in topical antiseptics, oral thyroid and skin disease treatments, and injectable contrast media for CT scans, cholecystograms, and pyelograms.

Image Source: Color Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology Samuel Weinberg, Neil S. Prose, Leonard Kristal Copyright 2008, 1998, 1990, 1975, by the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Text Reference: Dermatology, 2nd edition: "Iododerma and Bromoderma"