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Picture of Keloid

Picture of Keloid

Keloids are scars that grow beyond what is normal for wound healing. When the skin is injured, connective tissue and skin cells grow back to fill in the gap. However, keloid scars rise above the rest of the skin; they have a smooth top. The cause for keloid development is unknown, but people of African and Asian descent are more likely to suffer from the condition. Genetic factors are believed to predispose individuals to the formation of keloids. Keloids usually develop on the shoulders, chest, and upper back.

A variety of treatments are available for keloids. A series of cortisone injections help the lesions to reduce in size over time. Surgery is an option, but it may trigger the development of another keloid. Laser treatment can improve the color and texture of a keloid. Radiation treatment and silicone creams and pads may also improve the appearance of keloids over time.

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