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Allergic Skin Disorders

Picture of Nickel Contact Dermatitis

Picture of Nickel Contact Dermatitis

Nickel contact dermatitis produces a characteristic red, itchy rash that resembles eczema. In this picture, it appears around the belly button after the skin of the affected individual came in contact with either a metal snap on blue jeans or a metal belt buckle. A skin rash called an id reaction may appear on the knees and elbows at the same time. The red, itchy lesions can be soothed with topical corticosteroids. The best way to cure and avoid this type of contact dermatitis is to avoid all contact with nickel. Exposure to nickel for just a few hours per month is enough to reactivate the condition. People who have nickel contact dermatitis need to avoid jeans with metal snaps, jewelry containing nickel, and ear or body piercing.

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