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Picture of Sty (Stye)

Picture of Sty (Stye)

A sty (stye) is a painful eye infection that occurs along the lash line. It results when oil glands on the eyelid become blocked. Symptoms of a sty include pain, swelling, and redness. This causes irritation, and the patient with a sty may get the urge to scratch. Other symptoms may include excess tearing, light sensitivity, and discomfort during blinking. The center of the sty may contain a white or yellow spot of pus. Treatment of a sty includes applying warm compresses to the area several times a day to encourage rupture and drainage of the area. Attempting to rupture the sty is not recommended as this may make the infection worse. In some cases, a doctor may lance the sty after numbing the area with a local anesthetic.

Image Source: Image courtesy of Andre Riemann – Wikimedia Commons

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