Pregnancy and Fetal Development

Picture of Third Trimester (32 Weeks)

Picture of Third Trimester (32 Weeks)

This photo shows a baby at 32 weeks of gestation during the third trimester. At this stage:

  • The baby's skeleton is formed although the bones are soft.
  • The baby is able to kick and jab with force.
  • The baby's eyes are able to open and close and detect changes in light.
  • The baby's lungs are not completely formed but they practice movements that simulate breathing.
  • The baby accumulates stores of minerals including calcium and iron.
  • The fine hair coating the baby, lanugo, begins to shed.
  • The baby weighs approximately 4 to 4 ½ pounds and is approximately 15 to 17 inches in length.
  • Weight gain is very fast now. The baby gains approximately ½ pound per week during this stage.
Image Source: Petit Format / Photo Researchers, Inc.

Text Reference: American Pregnancy Association: "Fetal Development: Third Trimester"

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