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In Vitro Fertilization (cont.)

Factors to Consider with In Vitro Fertilization

  • Age: Any woman who is still ovulating may try IVF, although success rates decline as a woman ages. Women under age 35 have the greatest chance of success with this technique.
  • Multiple births: Generally, in women who use IVF to establish a live birth, about 63% are single babies, 32% are twins, and 5% are triplets or more.
  • Cost: IVF is a costly procedure that, in many cases, is not covered by health insurance plans.
  • Reduced need for surgery: If a woman has IVF, she may not have to undergo surgery on her Fallopian tubes. It is estimated that the IVF technique has reduced such surgeries by half.
  • Safety: Studies suggest that in vitro fertilization is safe. A study covered nearly 1,000 children conceived through these methods in five European countries and found that the children monitored from birth to age 5 years, were as healthy as children conceived naturally. However, other studies have found a slightly increased risk of genetic disorders in children conceived through assisted reproductive technologies. However, adverse outcomes during pregnancy and the perinatal period are higher in pregnancies that resulted from IVF. Some or most of this increased risk is due to the fact that a greater proportion of IVF pregnancies involve multiple gestations. However, there is a slight increased risk of complications in singleton pregnancies resulting from IVF, possibly related to the age of the parents or to the underlying conditions which led to the infertility and need for IVF.

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