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Lens-Particle Glaucoma (cont.)

Can Lens-Particle Glaucoma Be Treated With Self-Care at Home?

Complying with your eye doctor's instructions is very important. Keep in mind that uncontrolled glaucoma can result in permanent vision loss. Additionally, taking measures to keep the optic nerves healthy will help them withstand elevated pressures to some degree. These measures include stopping smoking, keeping blood pressure under control, and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

How Is Lens-Particle Glaucoma Treated?

Often, the lens fragments will dissolve or break down into smaller particles that are then naturally cleared from the eye with the aid of the body's immune cells. While awaiting this clearance, the eye pressure must be monitored and managed very carefully.

What Are Lens-Particle Glaucoma Medications?

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If the eye pressure rises, the first line of treatment is typically a combination of pressure-lowering eyedrops and anti-inflammatory eyedrops. Frequent follow-up is essential to monitor the pressure because it may fluctuate during the first days/weeks.

There are pressure-lowering eyedrops that decrease the inflow of aqueous and some that help improve the outflow of aqueous. Your doctor will determine which drops are likely to work best depending on your ocular and medical history. Rarely, oral or intravenous medications are required to treat very high eye pressures.

Anti-inflammatory eyedrops include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drops and steroid drops. Additionally, a dilating drop may be used temporarily to reduce long-term complications of inflammation.

The goal of therapy is management of the eye pressure. Medications often only are used for a short period of time while waiting for the lens particles to clear, after which they can be discontinued. The eye pressure will still be monitored after medications are stopped. Sometimes, pressure rises again and therapy must be resumed.

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