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Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) (cont.)

LEEP Risks and Complications

Complications are not common following LEEP, and they occur in about 1% to 2% of patients. These may include increased bleeding, infection, or narrowing (stenosis) of the opening of the cervix. LEEP has been associated with preterm labor in a subsequent pregnancy and may require careful follow-up.

LEEP Follow-up

If the abnormal areas have been completely removed, no further treatment is usually necessary. However, since dysplasia can recur at a later time, regular follow-up Pap tests are required following LEEP to evaluate for possible recurrence.

LEEP Outlook

LEEP has shown to be as effective as other methods (laser, cryocautery, cone biopsy) for treatment of cervical dysplasia. Studies have shown that all of these methods have about a 90% cure rate for precancerous lesions of the uterine cervix.

Medically reviewed by Wayne Blocker, MD; Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology

REFERENCE:; "Conization of Cervix."

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 1/7/2016

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