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Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) (cont.)


Hypoglycemia may be caused by a tumor in the pancreas (called insulinoma) or abnormal cells in non-pancreatic tumors (non-islet cell tumor hypoglycemia, or NICTH). These tumors may be benign (no metastases) or malignant (spreading metastases to other tissues). Surgery is the best treatment for an insulinoma. Special tests by the endocrinologist may assist the surgeon in removing less pancreatic tissue, reducing the risk of diabetes after surgery. If the tumor is malignant or cannot be operated on, certain medications may be able to suppress insulin release from the diseased pancreatic beta cells.

Last Reviewed 11/20/2017

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Hypoglycemia is a syndrome characterized by a reduction in plasma glucose concentration to a level that may induce symptoms of low blood sugar.

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