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Macular Degeneration (cont.)

What Are Macular Degeneration Risk Factors?

Many forms of AMD are hereditary (genetically inherited), but because symptoms may not appear until later years, obtaining an accurate family history may be difficult.

Additionally, the following risk factors are also associated with AMD:

  • Age: The likelihood of developing macular degeneration increases with age.
  • Smoking is a risk factor for both forms of macular degeneration, and smokers with AMD suffer more severe vision loss than nonsmokers with AMD.
  • Cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome are also associated with AMD.
  • Race: Macular degeneration is more common in whites but occurs in all races.
  • Pigmentation: Macular degeneration is more common in people with lightly pigmented skin and light blue eyes.
  • Gender: Women get AMD more commonly than men.

Questions to Ask the Eye Doctor About Macular Degeneration

  • What can I do to decrease my chances of losing vision?
  • What symptoms should I watch for?
  • What lifestyle changes should I make?
  • What treatment options are available for my condition?
  • What low-vision aids are available to help me with my remaining vision?

Questions to Ask the Primary Care Provider (Family Practice Doctor, Internist, Geriatrician)

  • How can I improve my overall cardiovascular health?
  • How can I get help with smoking cessation?
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