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Migraine Headache FAQs (cont.)

What can be done to prevent migraine headaches?

Migraineurs should identify and avoid migraine triggers. This may include avoiding certain types of foods and certain emotional situations. If missing meals triggers headaches, the migraineur should make every effort to eat on a regular basis. In some instances, the use of biofeedback (a technique that helps people learn to have some degree of control over certain "automatic" body functions like heart rate) may help lessen the severity and frequency of attacks.

Additionally, migraineurs should remember to take any prescribed medications at the dosages and times the doctor specifies.

Will migraine headaches eventually go away on their own?

Migraineurs must have realistic expectations and should understand that their headaches are a chronic (long-term) condition that will likely be with them for their entire lives. The good news is that the prognosis is very good once the headaches are under control. Migraineurs should expect to tryseveral times beforefinding an effective treatment plan. Different drugs work for different people, and several may have to be tried before finding the best one for a specific person. In many instances, a combination of different medications is needed to provide relief.

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