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Miscarriage (cont.)

What Is the Treatment for a Miscarriage?

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If the health care professional feels that the patient is having a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage, little can be done in the way of prevention. If the patient is actively miscarrying and the health care professional does not think the patient has a living pregnancy, she will also be seen by an obstetrician (specialist in women's reproductive health) who may recommend ending the pregnancy. A procedure called dilation and curettage (D&C) can be performed or further observation may take place to let nature take its course.

  • If the patient has a urinary tract infection, antibiotics that are safe to take in pregnancy will be prescribed.
  • In certain situations, the woman and her baby may have incompatible blood types. If your blood sample shows that you are Rh factor negative (a certain blood type), you will be given medication (RhoGAM) to prevent a possible blood type interaction with the baby (which could occur if the baby were Rh positive).
  • The patient will be counseled and given materials or instruction concerning the possibility of spontaneous abortion. If the mouth of the uterus is closed, if she is not bleeding heavily, the lab work is normal, and an ultrasound shows the woman does not have an ectopic pregnancy, she may rest at home with the following instructions:
    • Get plenty of rest.
    • Avoid douching and sexual intercourse.
    • Watch for the passage of any white or gray material from the vagina. This may represent what are known as the products of conception.
    • Return to the emergency department if bleeding or pain worsens, or if you develop fever, weakness, or dizziness.
    • Go to the doctor to be reexamined in about 48 hours.
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