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Mitral Valve Prolapse (cont.)

What is the treatment for mitral valve prolapse?

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Mitral valve prolapse usually requires no specific treatment, except reassurance, since most people do not have serious underlying heart disease. Rather, care focuses on minor changes a person can make that may prevent symptoms.

  • The condition usually requires no activity restrictions, but the person should avoid competitive sports if he has a definite click and murmur of significant mitral insufficiency. Most people have minimal, if any, mitral insufficiency.
  • There are no special restrictions on diet.
  • Caffeine, alcohol, and stimulant intake should be limited if heart irregularities are present.
  • Maintain normal fluid intake. Dehydration can provoke mitral valve prolapse.

If a woman is pregnant, she should tell her obstetrician or midwife that she has mitral valve prolapse.

  • Most women with mitral valve prolapse require no specific precautions.
  • A woman may require antibiotics if she needs a urinary catheter or has an infection at the time of delivery and has a heart murmur of mitral insufficiency.

Usually a person needs no medications for mitral valve prolapse, just a strong dose of reassurance. If a person has unusual heart rhythms, such as palpitations, he or she may need treatment with beta-blockers.

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