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Motion Sickness (cont.)

Motion Sickness Symptoms

Motion sickness can occur during any type of movement that is unintentional. Car sickness, seasickness, and air sickness are examples of motion sickness. Complex types of movement, especially slow movement or movement in two different directions (such as up and down plus back and forth) at the same time (commonly the movements of a boat in rough water) are most likely to cause motion sickness.

The primary symptom of motion sickness is nausea. Vomiting and dizziness may also occur. Other common signs are sweating, increased salivation, and a general feeling of discomfort and not feeling well (malaise).

The severity of motion sickness can vary widely, even in the same individual on different days. In the majority of cases, the symptoms stop when the motion stops, although some people may experience symptoms for up to a few days after an episode of motion sickness.

When to Seek Medical Care for Motion Sickness

In most cases, motion sickness can be treated without a visit to the doctor. But if an individual has worsening or extremely severe motion sickness, it is advisable to consult with a health care practitioner, especially if a person has prolonged vomiting.

Motion Sickness Exams and Tests

There are no diagnostic tests for motion sickness; the diagnosis is made by the characteristic symptoms appearing during travel or during any form of passive motion.

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