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Motor Skills Disorder

What is Motors Skills Disorder?

Motor skills disorder, also called motor coordination disorder or motor dyspraxia, is a common disorder of childhood.

  • Children with this disorder have associated problems including difficulty in processing visuospatial information needed to guide their motor actions they may not be able to recall or plan complex motor activities such as:
    • dancing,
    • doing gymnastics,
    • catching or throwing a ball with accuracy, or
    • producing fluent legible handwriting.
  • Often there is a history of early delay in the development of motor skills. This may present as a delay in the ability to sit up or learning to walk well.
  • Often, these children are described as clumsy or forgetful, (for example, they may never turn the water faucet or lights off).
  • These children may have difficulty using a cup, spoon or fork to eat.
  • They may have the tendency to drop items or run into walls/furniture and have frequent accidents due to motor planning difficulties.
  • They may have trouble with tasks requiring hand-eye coordination and dexterity (hammering a nail, connecting wires etc.).
  • These children may also have difficulty holding a pencil and learning to write.

Motor skills disorder can be extremely disabling both in academic settings (school) as well as in everyday life due to impairment of functioning. Children and adults with this disorder are at risk for obesity, due to the higher rates of physical inactivity, and often suffer from low self-esteem as well as academic underachievement.

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