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Muscle Strain (cont.)

What Specialists Treat Muscle Strains?

Muscle strains are commonly treated by primary-care providers, including family medicine doctors, internists, and general practitioners. Other doctors who can be involved in caring for patients with muscle strains include emergency physicians, physiatrists, orthopedists, sports-medicine doctors, and rheumatologists. Ancillary caregivers who can be involved in caring for muscle strain injuries include physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors.

How Do Doctors Diagnose a Muscle Strain?

The doctor will take a medical history and perform a physical exam. The examination is generally all that is needed for diagnosis and can help to establish whether the muscle is partially or completely torn. A higher degree or grade of strain (grades 1-3) can involve longer healing, possible surgery, and a more complicated recovery.

X-rays or laboratory tests are often not necessary, unless there was a history of trauma or evidence of infection. Infrequently, the physician may order a CT or MRI to better assess the diagnosis of the injury.

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