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Comment from: hope2015, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: February 18

Over two weeks I was intimate with a guy and two days later I woke up with a white tongue. It was itchy around the outside. A day later my face and lips had a burning sensation. I went to the emergency room twice that week. They said that they didn't think it was oral herpes and that I was having an anxiety attack. I went to my doctor yesterday because the same symptoms are still present and now I have blisters/sores on my tongue. The doctor said it is normal. And I took a blood test. Now I am waiting for the results. I am so scared. My gut feelings tells me I do have it.

Comment from: concern, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: November 25

I had my first outbreak with a feeling of the flu. I found out it was herpes simplex 2 in 1990. I had genital outbreaks often the first year, but not so much now. Today, I have sores and blisters in my mouth. In general, I get minimal outbreaks. I've just learned to live with it.

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