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Parenting (cont.)

Tips for Healthy Single Parenting

Having been a single parent of three children following the death of my wife 10 years ago, I can suggest several strategies to ensure the best possible outcome for both you and your child/children. First and foremost, realize that two adults raising children is a daunting challenge. A solo parent simply cannot provide what two parents can when it comes to helping with homework, watching soccer practice, and having the financial resources that a two-income family offers. While the above are obviously desirable, they pale in importance to providing to your child a sense of security and love. Single parents must absolve themselves of any guilt when it comes to the material needs of their children. Instead, focus on your job of raising individuals who will ultimately become successful adults and (perhaps) parents themselves.

Tips for Successful Stepparenting

Stepparenting can sometimes be analogous to walking blindfolded through a minefield. Generally successful stepparenting involves three integrated actions: (1) provide emotional support and be a neutral sounding board to your spouse (the parent); (2) provide emotional support and be a neutral sounding board to the child/children; (3) don't try to become what you aren't -- their parent or their best friend. Try to avoid criticism of your spouse's former husband/wife. While children may recount a myriad of deficiencies of their other parent, criticism by you will commonly generate a protective reaction and devalue your credibility as an objective adult.

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