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Pineal Tumors (cont.)

Pineal Tumor Treatment

Surgery is essential to obtain a sample of tumor tissue so the pathologist can confirm a precise histological diagnosis. Precise diagnosis is required to plan appropriate therapy. Benign pineal tumors can be removed surgically. Malignant pineal tumors are treated differently depending on the type of malignant tumor (cancer) found. Pineocytomas are treated with surgery alone as no benefit from radiation therapy has been shown. The most common malignant tumor in this area is the germinoma. This is very sensitive to both radiation and chemotherapy and is curable in most cases. Other malignant germ cell tumors occurring in this region are treated with chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy. Non-germ cell tumors may be treated with newer techniques including special focused radiation therapy called using stereotactic techniques.

Pineal Tumor Follow-up

Surgery, radiation, and other cancer therapies can damage hormone-producing regions of the body. An endocrinologist specializes in such hormone disorders. The patient's primary healthcare will consult an endocrinologist to determine if hormone deficiencies are present. Most hormone problems can be well controlled with medical therapies.

Pineal Tumor Outlook

In recent years the prognosis for children with pineal tumors has improved dramatically.

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"Pineal gland masses"

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The pineal gland develops during the second month of gestation as a diverticulum in the diencephalic roof of the third ventricle.

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