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Placenta Previa in Pregnancy (cont.)

When to Seek Medical Care for Placenta Previa

The bleeding of placenta previa typically begins after the 20th week of gestation. A woman should always seek medical care if she experiences bleeding in the later stages of pregnancy.

Exams and Tests for Placenta Previa

Placenta previa is suspected when a woman in the 20th week of gestation or later reports having bleeding. An ultrasound examination (see below) is used to establish the diagnosis. The ultrasound examination is performed before a physical examination of the pelvis because the physical examination may promote increased bleeding.

Both transabdominal (using a probe on the abdominal wall) and transvaginal (with a probe inserted inside the vagina but away from the cervical opening) ultrasound evaluations may be performed, to determine the exact location of the placenta.

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