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Placenta Previa in Pregnancy (cont.)

Placenta Previa Treatment

Treatment of placenta previa is dependent upon the volume of bleeding, the gestational age and condition of the fetus, the position of the placenta and fetus, and whether the bleeding has diminished or is continuing.

Cesarean delivery may be required for all types of placenta previa and is universally necessary in the case of complete placenta previa.

Self-Care at Home for Placenta Previa

Women with placenta previa in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy are typically counseled to avoid sexual intercourse and exercise, as well as to reduce their activity level. Modified bed rest is generally advised. If there has been little or no bleeding, or if the bleeding has stopped, bed rest at home may be prescribed. Women who remain at home must be able to access medical care immediately should bleeding resume, and home care is not appropriate in all cases (e.g. when the patient lives a long distance from the hospital). Women with larger volumes of bleeding or continuous bleeding require admission to the hospital. It is very important to follow the recommendations of your health care practitioner in this regard.

Medical Treatment for Placenta Previa

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Medical treatment in the hospital is necessary if a woman is actively bleeding.

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